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Лист №113 від 09.07.2015 RIPE NCC по "Center of Internet services in DNR"

Managing Director of RIPE NCC

Axel Pawlik

UIA Ref. № 113

Since  July 09 2015


Dear Mr. Pawlik!

26 June 2015 RIPE NCC has provided LIR assignment to "Center of Internet services in DNR" from the Donetsk. In RIPE Database ( placed information about this LIR:

inetnum: -
descr:           "Center of Internet services in DNR"
country:         RU
org-name:        "Center of Internet services in DNR"
org-type:        LIR
address:         Shevchenko av. 31
address:         83000
address:         Donetsk
address:         RUSSIAN FEDERATION

Also we can see information about this LIR in the RIPE NCC Membership page (

"Center of Internet services in DNR"
Shevchenko av. 31
83000 Donetsk
phone:   +380986237344
e-mail:  directory (at) dnr-online (dot) net
Areas serviced:   RU


We must inform you that the information submitted to RIPE NCC from the “Center of Internet services in DNR”, is incorrect, because Donetsk, 83000, located in Ukraine not in Russian Federation.

We are acquainted your opinion on this issue in  RIPE NCC Membership Discussion Mailing List 29 Jun 2015 15:53 (Subject: Discussion on LIRs from Donetsk Area) that RIPE NCC does not wish to deny services for political reasons. But we draw your attention to paragraph 6.3 of “IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region”: An assignment that was based on information that turns out to be incorrect is no longer valid.

Because assignment of "Center of Internet services in DNR" was based on information that turns out to be incorrect (about the true location of Donetsk), please contribute decision about recognition this assignment not valid in accordance with RIPE NCC Policies and commence proceedings to terminate that account in accordance with the procedural document "Closure of Members, Deregistration of Internet Resources and Legacy Internet Resources".

Also please inform us about result of RIPE NCC request to "Center of Internet services in DNR"  to receive the documentation required to ensure the existence of the organization and to prove the identity of the person signing the Service Agreement.



Head of the Board
of the Ukrainian Internet Association                                                                Oleksandr Fediienko
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